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Antibirth (2016)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


First, let Mr. Skin preface this summary by saying that Antibirth (2016) stars three of the quirkiest actresses in the entertaiment industry, none of whom have ever been shy of revealing what's underneath their skirts and pants. Mr. Skin should also mention that this movie only has brief nudity, with nipples being the primary source of skintasticness. Natasha Lyonne is the lead character Lou, and is backed up by both Meg Tilly and Chloë Sevigny. That's a trifecta of terrific right there. The story takes place in a desolate town full of mystery and crime, with Lou, who likes to indulge in getting high, waking up dazed after a wild night of partying. She keeps having recurring visions and begins to have trouble deciding what's real, and what's fastly becoming a jumbled conspiracy. Natasha slips a nipple through her fishnet top, revealing that, indeed, this should be the sole purpose of the holey fabric. Chloë wears a bright yellow shirt composed of thin fabric, allowing us all to see the exact shape and size of her nipples. There's also some panty action on behalf of Marie-Josee Dionne whose derriere pleasantly bounces when she walks. (There's no naked Meg, but she does have some blue hair, if that's of interest.) The film itself involves a lot of funky images, monsters, aliens, blood, babies, and just a whole lot of huh. In fact, one review you'll see advertised in the movie's trailer is, "Amazingly weird and astonishingly gross." A really good desription, and a fabulous teaser, even if it doesn't mention the fishenet framed nipple.