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Annas Mutter

Annas Mutter (1984)

Great Nudity!


Based on the true story of Marianne Bach Meier, this is the history of the renamed character, Marianne Grünwald, who shot and killed her daughter’s murderer during a courtroom procedure. The event causes an enormous media storm and transforms Marianne into a sort of cultural folk heroine. This movie seeks, in a way, to add new research and discredit Marianne’s story by making her look like not so great of a mother, despite her professional securing of a position as a landlord and pub owner.

Gudrun Landgrebe plays main character, Marianne, and is seen throughout the movie in skimpy clothing, if not totally naked and engaging in sexual escapades. In a number of sex scenes her well rounded rack gets shown and felt up by her partner. And in a few bar scenes, a little bit of tit slips out of her shirt or can be seen beneath her drenched clothing. I’d let her shoot me with those guns.