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American Wedding

American Wedding (2003)

Great Nudity!

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The third film in the trilogy that started with the legendary high school sex comedy American Pie (1999), in American Wedding (2003) it's about time for Jim (Jason Biggs) to stop doing the dirty with desserts and settle down with his flute loving, high school sweetheart Michelle (Alyson Hannigan). After popping the question while Michelle was on her knees polishing his pecker, Jim decides that since Stifler (Sean William Scott) tends to ruin everything he touches, he's going to keep him far away from the ceremony. Stifler's not happy since weddings are a great way to meet women terrified of ending up alone. But Stifler can dance, and Jim needs help, so he reluctantly invites him to the soiree. This is pretty important since soon enough the Stiffman's winning gay bar danceoffs to get Michelle her dream dress. While battling Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) to see who can get Michelle's sister (January Jones) in the sack, Stifler ruins some pivotal stuff like the flowers and the cake, and it looks like Jim was right: Stifler sullied the ceremony. But sure enough, even if it takes him eating dog poop, and doing the deed with some geriatric grannies, Stifler will somehow save the day! Save the timestamp for when some of our seductive actresses acted like total tramps! See, there's a good look at January Jones in a black bra as Stifler creeps on her while she changes clothes. But the most boobage comes in a scene where the boys hire some strippers, but things don't go as planned. Amanda Swisten is the naughty French maid and Nikki Ziering is the dirty cop. Both show their doctor crafted double D's giving our boys the time of their lives during a surprise bachelor party, right up until Michelle's parents show up because Jim invited them to dinner not knowing what his buddies had planned. Then it's time for the gang to do their best to explain who these busty broads are, and why they're dressed like that. They should have just come clean, since there would be so much cum to clean after seeing those two touching each other, there's no way you cold hide it! Now we're just waiting on American Honeymoon!