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Oh, Allanah. How beautiful! How enchanting! How willing to be naked on screen and engage in semi-explicit lesbian encounters!We have to say, Allanah is one of the most beguiling actresses ever to pursue a career in soft-core pornography. Of course, we have to give some mad props out to none other than Darian Caine and John Bacchus who gave Allanah her first gig in their straight-to-video parody sequel Erotic Witch Project 2: Book of Seduction in 2000. Like most Bacchus flicks, EWP2 is riddled with countless erotic lesbian encounters which very nearly cross the threshold into the realm of “explicit.” Close but no cigars. Happy, happy day!Allanah’s since made a career of more of the same. She teamed up with Bacchus again for Erotic Survivor 2 and buried her face in Caine’s crotch for an encore performance in Vampire Obsession, also under the watchful eye of ol’ John. Man, I’m beginning to think Mr. Bacchus has the best job in the world…