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Your Place or Mine

Your Place or Mine (2023)

No Nudity


Rom com writer Aline Brosh McKenna (27 Dresses and The Devil Wears Prada) takes a crack at directing her own script that mixes the familiar trope of two friends who might actually be meant for each other with a little The Holiday-type house swap. Reese Witherspoon is Debbie, an overprotective L.A. single mother who became friends with Ashton Kutcher’s Brooklyn lothario Peter after a casual hook-up twenty years ago. When Debbie decides to take a week-long accounting course in New York, Peter suggests he come stay at her place in L.A. to watch her son while she stays at his apartment for the week. As Peter plays fun dad figure to her introverted son, Debbie stumbles on Peter’s writing and gives it to the sexy book publisher (Jesse Williams) who wants to date her. Reese’s return to the rom com genre features her stripping down to her bra twice, once in flashback to her and Ashton’s first roll in the hay and the again when she and Jesse get it on. There’s also a dual coast bath scene featuring a sudsy Reese that’ll turn all those clean thoughts dirty!