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WWE Raw (1993)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Sweaty sweethearts with heaving sweet tarts are the name of the game on WWE Monday Night RAW, a wild weekly wrestlefest that features some of America's b(r)e(a)st matstresses. WWE essentially has two huge shows a week, RAW and WWE SmackDown, with RAW kicking off the week on Monday and SmackDown sending wrasslin fans into the weekend on Friday night. RAW's been on since 1993, when it was the marquee show of the attitude era. While back in the day every episode of RAW was broadcast from New York City, these days, wrestlers are drafted to either show and tour the country with their respective units. Dudes everywhere have ended up with some severely raw units after watching the WWE's famous Divas. When those hotties hit the ring, bouncing their boobs and buns while facing off and fighting with each other, you won't care who is the champ and who is the challenger. You'll want to tag team both of them. While the WWE doesn't want there to be any nudity, since it's a live show featuring scantily clad women throwing each other around, things happen. Things will definitely be happening in your pants watching Brianna Garcia's nip escape from a tight black dress, which the censors weren't quick enough to catch. Candice Michelle has the same thing happen to her, when she gets her top torn off. But the best bit of tit in RAW history came when Vince McMahon's daughter, and HHH's wife, Stephanie McMahon ends up on the ground, where we get a clear look down her shirt. Great stuff, Steph! Every once in a while, when they're not flying from the turnbuckle, the ladies of WWE RAW will make you unbuckle!