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The Outer Limits (1995-1999)

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A sci-fi anthology that was always stuck in The Twilight Zone's shadow, the original version of The Outer Limits ran from 1963 to 1965 and produced some classic episodes like "The Zanti Misfits." It could never live up tot that legacy, but the remake didn't miss when it came to showing great tits! Yes, while the original version will always be the one people think of when they hear the title, when they rebooted the show in 1995, it actually lasted a full seven seasons. The reboot had all sorts of issues, though. It started out on Showtime, then moved to Sci-Fi, then was put into syndication. That meant the early seasons were full of nudity, while the later ones weren't, and when they started broadcasting the reruns on network TV they had to censor them somehow. While the creepy storylines about aliens and the supernatural, remain the same as the original series, the naturally well endowed guest stars truly had our pants stretching to their most outer limits. In one episode Alyssa Milano takes off her shirt and sucks her co-star. Well, she sucks out his essence since she's secretly being controlled by an alien who steals your soul mid-sex. Sounds like Species (1995) right? Funnily enough, in another episode Natasha Henstridge teased with sideboob, but flashed some legit ass as the computer generated companion of the last man alive on earth after nuclear war. The last man on earth in The Twilight Zone had books, then broke his glasses. This guys got some insanely erotic CGI willing and able to let him between her thighs! Crystal Cass flashes tits, bush and ass as the hot blonde woman the aliens use to entice a man, then Tammy Isbell bounces her boobies all over the place as a woman who starts banging a dude once he has a serious, nanobot infused glow up. Canadian singer Sofia Shinas shines by going full frontal as a paraplegic's perfect sex robot, while Polly Shannon flashed tits and ass as a slave stuck on a ship run by an authoritarian computer. But the best nudity came in season three, when Tara Spencer-Nairn showed her pair when a whole bunch of people stripped fora doctor researching evolution. Do not adjust your television set. In its early seasons The Outer Limits showed all sorts of amazing sets!   


Nadia Capone


Finn Carter


Crystal Cass

Nude - as Alien / Claire

3 Pics & 1 Clip
Erin Daniels

Barbara Chafey

Holly Dignard

Nude - as Cathy

1 Pic
Kathleen Duborg

Nude - as Hope

1 Pic
Heather Hanson

Young Helen / Archer

Laura Harris

Mona Lisa 37X / Sarah

Sandrine Holt

Jade / Laura

Brittney Irvin

Judith Wilder

Tammy Isbell

Nude - as Judy Hudson

3 Pics & 2 Clips
Michelle Johnson

Sexy - as Ady Sutton

2 Pics
Sara Johnson

Nude - as Brittany

3 Pics & 1 Clip
Tamsin Kelsey

Dr. Glass

Clare Lapinskie

Nude - as Claire

1 Pic
Alyssa Milano

Nude - as Hannah Valesic

5 Pics & 4 Clips
Gabrielle Miller

Charlotte Nichols / Wendy

Debbie Podowski

Justine / Tali

Lela Rochon

Beth Carter

Polly Shannon

Nude - as Operator 88

6 Pics & 2 Clips
Linnea Sharples

Nude - as Kamala Shastri

1 Pic
Helen Shaver

Cathy Kress

Sofia Shinas

Nude - as Valerie / Mary

3 Pics & 1 Clip
Brett Stone

Nude - as Brett Stone

1 Pic & 1 Clip
April Telek

Shirley Baxter

Jud Tylor


Kirsten Williamson

Nude - as Pelé

1 Pic
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