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Hot Line

Hot Line (1995)

Great Nudity!


Does it get any better than Cinemax? At Skin Central we rally round the flag of this frisky cable station, which delivers the pants-pleasing entertainment of Hot Line. The series illustrates the kinky lives of the verbal vixens who call in to a late-night radio program. Better still, the DJs are played by hotties Tanya Roberts and Shannon Tweed. Mr Skin couldn't think of two sweeter tarts to tell his intimate fantasies or real-life in-and-out experiences to. Over the years many fine ladies have disrobed for the camera, and the attentive eye out there will even notice some who have gone on to fame and fortune, like a totally nude Catherine Bell. The JAG hag really rings our bell! In Cat's nude scene, which occurs in season 2 episode 4, you'll JAG off when you see Catherine naked. It's a truly outstanding two minutes! Jennifer Behr shows us some bare breasts and butt in episode six. The best of the scenes occurs when the steamy Jen shows her stiff nips as her lezzie playmate rubs her body with ice. You won't feel shrinkage from that, Mr. Skin can guarantee it! Then there's the effortlessly hot Mimi Cochran who will get your cock nice and firm in season one episode 6. She can be found naked in bed having some sexy time. A little later, her boobage and bethonged booty can be seen in the tub with her lover. It is truly lovely and worth a good wank for the 90 seconds she's on display. Hot Line will always make for a hot watch!


Bari Buckner

Nude - as Stefanie Brenner

11 Pics
Michelle Clunie

Nude - as Jesse Summerfield

4 Pics
Mimi Cochran

Nude - as N/A

3 Clips
Vanessa A. Dorian

Gina Pollifumo

Susan Featherly

Nude - as Cindy

4 Pics
Sandra Ferguson

Nude - as Stephanie

1 Pic
Maria Ford

Nude - as Kristin

4 Pics
Landon Hall

Nude - as Susie

4 Pics
Anzu Lawson

Nude - as Courtney

5 Pics
Nina Lorena

Nude - as Celina

7 Pics
Victoria Morsell

Nude - as Rachel Davis

9 Pics
Kehli O'Byrne

Nude - as Melissa Jennings

2 Pics & 2 Clips
Monique Parent

Nude - as Sheila

7 Pics
Kimber Sissons

Nude - as Sabrina

4 Pics
Melinda Songer

Barbara Prescott

Peggy Trentini

Nude - as Peggy

6 Pics
Wendi Westbrook

Elizabeth Willman

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