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First Wave

First Wave (1998-1999)

Brief Nudity

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Back in the 90's when The X-Files was killing it in the ratings, pretty much anything conspiracy related had a fast track to the airwaves. To that end, in 1998 the sci-fi series First Wave first landed on Sy-Fy in the USA, The Space Channel in Canada, and a bunch of foreign channels that got the good parts North American audiences didn't. Created by future Narcos creator Chris Brancato, with none other than Francis Ford Coppola serving as an executive producer, Sebastian Spence starred as the alien hunting former thief Cade Foster. Cade had a great life that suddenly fell apart, not because of anything he did but because the evil aliens known as the Gua decided to ruin his life as an experiment. Ends up they did it to a ton of people but Cade was the only subject to figure it out because, as Nostradamus predicted, it's up to him to stop an alien clone invasion. Teaming with a conspiracy loving computer hacker (Rob LaBelle) and an alien who acknowledged what they did to him wasn't cool (Roger Cross), for three seasons viewers watched as Cade did his damnedest to save Earth from these evil ET's. But one of the more unique aspects of the show was that it was chock full of nudity...as long as you were watching it outside of North America. Yes, while Yanks and Canucks got to see some sexy stuff from ladies like Traci Lords, overseas they got the real B's! Stacy Grant grants our wishes by showing T&A in bed with a man, while the curly haired cutie Rebecca Reichert lets a dude squeeze her jugs before she snaps his neck. Worth it! Decades before her work on The Magicians, Keegan Connor Tracy brought the mammary magic to this one by showing her rack to a fella staring through the window, while it was a skinny dipping Emmanuelle Vaugier stepping out of a lake without a shirt on that was probably the most memorable skin scene. If the extraterrestrials look like those chicks, we'll trade earth for as many sexual favors as it's worth! As long as you weren't in North America, First Wave had the skin humans crave!