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When Death Calls

When Death Calls (2012)

Brief Nudity


(0:01) Tina Krause sitting on the couch talking on the phone strips to her bra and panties while removing her witch costume.   (0:02) After first phone call, Tina Krause strips off her bra and panties to show breasts and bush.   (0:03) Buns, breasts and bush on Tina Krause as she goes to the shower.   (0:05) Bra and panties on Tina Krause on TV.   (0:09) Overhead shot of full frontal breasts and bush on Pooya Mohseni writhing on the bed.   (0:12) Bun, bush and breasts on Pooya Mohseni as she gets out of bed and puts on panties and then clothes.   (0:22) Rebecca Rose McCain has her dress pulled down making out with a guy and showing her left breast.   (0:24) Tina Salter in her bra dead in the bathtub   (0:39) Darlene McCullough in shower. She comes out covering her front chasing down something that stole her towel. Then we see buns and some sideboobs as she gets one from the closet. Then some more buns through red creature vision.   (0:50) Nathalie Bryant strips for the shower showing breasts from the side and buns getting in.   (0:51) Nathalie Bryant in her bra and panties.   (0:56) Katt Masterson displays some panties checking herself out in the mirror in a nightgown we can see her breasts through.   (1:07) Katt Masterson takes off her coat to reval her bra, panties and fishnets.   (1:13) Katt Masterson disrobes to her bra, panties and fishnets again to have a catfight with Nathalie Bryant.   (1:19) Nathalie Bryant takes off her robe and we see her breasts in the mirror. Then buns as she wears an apron and nothing else. She is told to take it off and we see her right breast from the side.   (1:20) Nathalie Bryant is in white bra and panties on the bed.   (1:25) Tina Salter in her bra dead in the bathtub during the end credits.