Cable TV’s Showtime network debuted a satirical sitcom in 2005 that traded token suburban stereotypes for toking characters who not only get high, they also regularly get hot and get naked.

Since then, Weeds has remained one of the most skintastic series ever to be broadcast.

Mary-Louise Parker leads an amiable cast as a soccer mom who peddles pot out of her comfy home.

She’s also been exquisitely comfortable during some nude scenes, including a recent one that revealed her intoxicatingly pink-tipped milk-bongs.

Other Weeds regulars who have puffed in the buff include Brooke Langton, Kristen Price, Elizabeth Perkins, Meital Dohan, and porn queen Jessica Jaymes (as herself!).

For three solid years of great ganja and gazongas, Mr. Skin passes it over to Weeds.