About a year ago, I stumbled across a you tube video of a sassy sexy sonorous woman on her talk show Chelsea Lately (which is on E! 5 nights a week at 11 ET) and absolutely fell in love. She has everything that I would look for in a late night show; jokes, gossip, celebrities, a unique sense of humor and the one thing that most late night hosts will never have- a great rack.

But it's not her abundance of loblollies that gets the laughs, it's a natural comedic ability combined with disdain for celebrities and their trivial lifestyle (I'm still kind of young, I've got years to hone in on that level of bitterness). Between her genius, her team of hilarious writers, her nugget assistant Chuy, her brand spanking new 11 PM time slot and a renewed contract till 2012- I would have to say she's got the boobs, brains, and backup to get the job done (she's dating Ted Harbert, C.E.O. of Comcast Entertainment Group which includes her station, E!- talk about job stability).

If you haven't seen the show- you should. Celebrities of all types have been appearing, actors, musicians and reality stars alike. She completely understands the reciprocal business of having a show. The stars flock to be seen, she gets her interview, and they get to plug whatever the hell they are working on. I laugh, I'm informed, and I walk away happy. Mark my words- she IS the next big thing.

Sometimes it's the topics she'll touch on, or a fun ridiculous video that they will produce, but I think my favorite part of the show is the round table. I can't say for sure, but I think she's got a wet bar stage left because the only time my friends and I get that crazy over The Hills is when we've ripped through a bottle or two (who hasn't had a drunk conversation about hating that show?) And what could possibly be better than comedians cracking jokes about celebrities? Why a topless version of course! Yes, there is a topless round table which usually features the lovely Heather "long boobs" McDonald- you may not see her naked, but I think she is... Something tells me Chelsea's got a cattle prod under there in case she protests. I'm also fond of seeing Loni Love on the show, and watching Handler get a hand-full of her big bazongas every chance she gets.

If you don't have cable (How do you live? Just kidding. Sort of.) you can go out and pick up one of her two books and get a little insight into the mind of this wonderfully twisted Jewish Mormon and her stories about life, one night stands, and all the places a bottle of Grey Goose can take you (or leave you).

This week, Allure magazine released pictures for their Naked Truth interviews in the May issue (available April 21st) which included my Lady of Laughter laying on a sofa covering just enough to make me want to start an official "Please get naked petition". Girl looks good, and she knows it too, she's been naked on the show before (my favorites are making sushi and her bondage skit) and I'm hoping this is just the beginning of her clothes-less tendencies... I've been begging for another topless round table (which I think she should participate in), we'll see if my request is granted...

Speaking of requests I have one more:

Chelsea- will you let me do your Skin-terview?

You and the Playboy Mansion are the only reasons I would ever come to L.A.- Chuy and I are friends on various networking sites, he already asked me to let him know when I'll be in town next (I think your little nugget was hitting on me) so he knows how to find me... Keep up the fantastic work, I'll be watching every day!

Big news to come next week... can you handle the suspense?!?

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Until then-
XX ~The Big O