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Voyagers (2021)

No Nudity

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Voyagers (2021) is a film directed by and written by Neil Burger about a crew of astronauts who are on a multi-generational mission in space. As they spend more and more time in space with one another, they begin to lose their grip on sanity. That tends to happen in these kinds of films - the farther away you get from gravity, the farther away you get from sanity. As they float around in space on their mission, they start to get paranoid and suspicious of one another. People turn on each other and no one is sure what to believe. Is any of this justified or real or is everything simply a bunch of space madness? You will have to watch the film to see for yourself what happens in space! Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny himself, appears in the movie in her bra and panties. She is woken up by a sound when sleeping next to her boyfriend. The camera at first gives us a view of her long and lean legs as they are sleeping in their little cot or pod thing. She then lifts her upper body up, supporting herself by one skinny arm. She looks around, showing us her slim midsection and a bit of cleavage. She does not take off any of her skivvies, but we certainly hope that she chooses to get much more nude in the next space movie that she appears in.  If only we could make the voyage deep inside Depp!