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Er oder keiner (2003)

Brief Nudity

Er oder keiner (2003) is a German dramedy. If you’re an ass-man, and not an ass, man, then you’ll love Julia Thurnau in this movie. She’s seen in bed with her man and bottomless. From behind it’s a look at her exquisite behind. There’s just something about the female shitter, maybe it’s the way it acts as the punch line to the setup of the curvy legs or the meat it provides to the sway of a woman’s hips, but there’s nothing finer than a butt. Now, nothing against the pussy and boobs, but Julia ain’t sharing that bounty in this film. So the best we can do is get to the bottom of her arousing backside. 


Julia Thurnau

Nude - as Muriel

6 Pics

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