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Elementarteilchen (2006)

Brief Nudity

Two brothers deal with their neglected childhood in totally different ways in the provocative German drama Elementarteilchen (2006). Raised by a hippie mother more concerned with partying than caring for her kids, Michael (Christian Ulmen), a molecular biologist, buries himself in data while Bruno (Moritz Bleibtreu) numbs himself with compulsive sex. But when Bruno finally meets a woman as experienced as he is, Christiane (Martina Gedeck), and Michael's first love Annabelle (Franka Potente) re-emerges, things finally begin to change for the better. An entire armload of babes appear in bikinis, and Tyra Misoux and Nina Hoss bare boobage as topless waitresses, but Martina really steals the show as the center of attention at an orgy. 

Martina Gedeck

Nude - as Christiane

7 Pics
Nina Hoss

Nude - as Jane

6 Pics
Tyra Misoux

Nude - as Waitress

8 Pics
Birgit Stein

Sexy - as Anne

3 Pics
Jennifer Ulrich

Sexy - as Johanna

3 Pics
Jelena Weber

Sexy - as Young Annabelle

4 Pics

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