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Timeless Obsession

Timeless Obsession (1997)

Great Nudity!

Top Scene


An art-obsessed dilettante hopes that some sexual exploration can help him get his mind off a famous canvas in the sudsy softcore Timeless Obsession (1997). Todd Eckert stars as Alex, a frequent museum-goer who grows obsessed with getting to the bottom of a painting on display in his favored gallery. The woman pictured on the canvas is so radiantly beautiful that the real-life women in Alex’s life pale in comparison––even when they’re throwing themselves at him with desperation. A feisty, redheaded shrink (Samantha Mudd) tries to assist by boffing the art lover, but it isn’t until the spitting image of the painting’s subject (Venesa Talor) throws herself at Alex that he can truly enjoy himself. It’s hard to believe that leading man Eckert actually got paid to bag all of these foxy ladies––in addition to Mudd and Talor, Kiara Hunter and Jennifer Behr show up to dress down.