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Time Is Up (2021)

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Remember that Bond movie where Denise Richards played a nuclear physicist? Or maybe that video game movie where Tara Reid played a cultural anthropologist? Well, now you can complete the trilogy with Time Is Up (2021) in which former Disney star Bella Thorne stars as a high school senior with a near genius level comprehension of quantum physics. Thorne stars as Vivien, the proverbial over achiever who is headed to an Ivy League school in the fall with dreams of becoming a quantum physicist. One fateful day, she sets out to find her boyfriend Steve (Sebastiano Pigazzi), but instead stumbles on Roy (Benjamin Mascolo), the proverbial kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Rather than simply go about trying to find her boyfriend, she decides to spend the day with the free spirited Roy, learning to let go of her serious ways and live in the moment. Unfortunately, the day ends with Vivien getting hit by a car and coming down with a serious case of amnesia. Can she put the pieces of her life back together and resume her normal life or is she destined, once and for all, to make a radical change to the course of her rigidly planned life and enjoy every moment? If you're an avid reader of MrSkin.com, this film simply isn't aimed at or designed for you, so you don't have to worry about the rote plot you've seen a hundred times before this flick. Instead, focus on the many shots of Bella Thorne's cleavage and the sexy bikini she rocks when getting into a pool! Honestly, it's the only stuff worth remembering in this otherwise forgettable flick!