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Three Many Weddings (2013)

Brief Nudity

The Spanish comedy Three Many Weddings (2013) follows a woman (Inma Cuesta) who gets three wedding invitations all within the span of one month. The sad thing is that they're all to weddings of her ex-boyfriends, and what's even sadder is she can't say no, deciding to suck it up and go to all three weddings. She finds more than she bargained for, when she must confront her past, yet is still able to look forward to the future.  We were looking forward to all the nudity, and this flick certainly didn't disappoint! When Inma Cuesta stays over at one of her ex's house on the night before the wedding, she gets a rude awakening the next morning when his bride to be (Natalia Rodríguez) wants to give her a hug! Thankfully she's nude in bed, and drops the comforter just long enough to give us a peek at her peepers! Check out the screen caps for the best possible look at them! Three Many Weddings could've used three many more nude scenes at least! 

Top Scenes

Nude, breasts A fleeting flash of fun bags from Natalia as she tries to convince her roommate to hug her! Plenty of side boob, but she keeps covering those puppies up! (33 secs)


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