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Those Who Kill

Those Who Kill (2014)

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Those Who Kill is an American remake of a Danish series of the same name, which aired its first season on the A&E network in March, 2014. The show stars Chloë Sevigny as a homicide detective who has just been promoted, and enlists the help of a forensic psychologist (James D'Arcy) to track down serial killers. However, she is consumed with solving her brother's unsolved murder, and it just might spell her own undoing.  Being a basic cable show, don't expect too much skin, at least on the air. Chloë Sevigny shows off her heinie in some skimpy black undies on the pilot episode, which also features Kate Boyer as a serial killer's victim. Kate can be seen kissing a guy while topless, though we can't see anything, though she does show some under-boob while taped to a chair, and some side-booty as she jumps out a window! Just don't expect Those Who Kill to make you spill!