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There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary (1998)

No Nudity


After royally tripping up by zipping up his niblets while on a date with his high-school dream girl, Ben Stiller has never stopped wanting to get his hands back on Cameron Diaz. He hires a private dick (Matt Dillon) to poke around his top-pick chick, but because There's Something About Mary (1998), the dick-for-hire finds himself wanting to stick it to her too. In fact, there's just so much about Mary that's eminently stickable that everyone wants a piece of her, and before long people are coming at Cam from all directions. Through all the comings and goings, Cam is always becoming, even when she gets a big glob of Ben juice in her beautiful 'do. She also does some frolicking in her underthings, as Cam is always wont to do—and if Diaz alone doesn't do you, keep your eyes peeled for the Markie Post cameo! This one's pure crude fun from those crumbums the Farrelly Brothers.