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The Voices

The Voices (2014)

No Nudity

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In the comedy thriller The Voices (2014), Ryan Reynolds stars as Jerry, a mild mannered guy who harbors a crush on Fiona (Gemma Arterton), a beautiful co-worker. Jerry's only problem is that he thinks his pets can talk to him, and actually has many bizarre conversations with his various animals. Unaware of this, Fiona finally breaks down and agrees to go out with him, but when she stands him up, Jerry's pets begin to suggest he do terrible things to get enace revenge on her! Despite being very funny and very twisted, there's very little nudity in the film. None, in fact. We get some nice looks at Gemma Arterton's cleavage both in a bra and while wearing a slip, and there's also some nice cleavage from co-star Anna Kendrick! If you're hearing voices in your head, they're likely telling you to go get your rocks off somewhere else!