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The Time Capsule

The Time Capsule (2022)

No Nudity

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Borrowing liberally from other science fiction flicks like Solaris (1972), The Time Capsule (2022) tells the story of Jack (Todd Grinnell), a politician who has just lost an election and finds himself at a crossroads in both his life and career. Retreating to his family's lake house to recover and recuperate, he soon discovers that he will be unable to do either of those things when his first love Elise (Brianna Hildebrand) mysteriously appears at his front door not having aged a day in over two decades. When she tells him that she has just returned from a secret mission to space, the bizarre occurrences begin piling up and Jack is unsure of what mysterious force in the universe is at work in his life. We'd love to tell you that there's a ton of skin in this flick, but there sadly isn't any. Brianna Hildebrand shows off her world class bikini body while paddleboarding, but apart from that, we think you should stick this one back in whatever Time Capsule you found it in!