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The Teaser

The Teaser (1973)

Great Nudity!


The ’70s sexploitation flick The Teaser (1973) stars brunette B-movie babe Becky Sharpe as Becky Bartolucci, a coquettish bookstore clerk by day and topless dancer by night. When bar patron Buck (Ric Lutze) offers Becky money for sex, she refuses and he follows her to her car and follows through on his evil urges, leaving her to wander around in shock. Eventually she is picked up by a sympathetic couple (Rene Bond and Andy Mitchell) who take her back to their place. Once there, Becky indulges in a few glasses of wine and a lesbianic interlude with Rene before she learns that her benefactors are actually white slave traders who plan to sell Becky to the very man who assaulted her! Check out Becky’s fully nude Sapphic sex scene with the equally unclothed Rene in front of a fireplace. It’s a real prick pleaser!