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The Serpent

The Serpent (2021)

No Nudity

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For special agent Lucinda Kavsky (Gia Skova), she is not just the CIAs most lethal lovely lady, set out into the world to rid it of evil doers, she is also potentially their next target!  You see, Gia is an expert killer, specializing in the old "Honeypot" technique.  Get close, get sexy, and get them dead as a doornail! When she is given her latest assignment, to go into what appears to be an easy in and out hit, she finds herself facing down the barrel of multiple guns and everything takes a disastrous turn, leading to her capture and arrest.  She's smart enough to know that they aren't going to keep her behind bars, they are going to put her six feet under, so she fakes her own death and then goes on the hunt for vengeance against the agents who wronged her and her loved ones.  Dipping back into her bag of tricks, she goes back to honeypotting bad boys who might know more about her situation, then strapping on the old silencer and taking them out too.  It's a blood bath and writer, director, star and stupid sexy model Gia Skova takes the helm of this project as the badass babe looking for answers in her undies. While Gia doesn't go fully monty in her writing and directorial debut, she doesn't mind showing plenty of skin.  One scene we see her side boobage while she's slipping out of the morgue after faking her own death.  Then later, she gets down to a sexy black bustier and thong to tie up and "question" a guy she has in her clutches!