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The Rest of Us

The Rest of Us (2020)

No Nudity

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Heather Graham and Jodi Balfour are the sexy moms at the center of The Rest of Us (2019)! Don't jump for joy just yet, this isn't some tale where they get together and bump bagels for our enjoyment. No, The Rest of Us finds Heather and her daughter, and Jodi and her daughter both at a crossroads. You see, Jodi was married to Heather's ex, who has suddenly dropped dead. With little other choice in the world, Jodi and her daughter must go to live with Heather and her daughter, throwing together four people who hardly know each other and whose only connection to them all is now dead. While Heather and Jodi are both well known for doffing their duds on screen, this plot certainly doesn't lend itself to a lot of opportunities for nudity. I mean, we can all write the movie version in our heads where the moms hook up and the daughters hook up and everybody lives happily ever after, dining on box till the cows come home! That movie would be great. In fact, I'm gonna write that movie one of these days, but in the meantime, we're left with this utterly skin free tale of two sets of women having to pick up the pieces over a typical screw up of a man! The film's saving grace comes an hour and fourteen minutes in when Heather Graham puts on a bikini and goes for a dip, giving us an underwater look at her ageless body!