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The Regime (2024-)

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Kate Winslet stars as Elena Vernham, the Chancellor of a small, unnamed country in Central Europe whose land appears to be rich in cobalt (and sugar beets), making it a target for trade deals and mining rights sharing with the U.S. When we meet Elena, she’s obsessed with the presence of mold in her palatial estate and picks out a burly corporal named Herbert Zubak (Matthias Schoenaerts) to follow her around and test the air. It’s a controversial choice because he’s most known as one of the soldiers who fired on a bunch of protestors in what’s been dubbed the Site Five Massacre, but Elena immediately senses a connection between them. Thanks to his aggressive support, she overcomes her germaphobia and throws herself headfirst into rural holistic medicine, like the healing power of potatoes, which appears to invigorate her both physically and politically. With her newfound strength and the intimidating Zuback by her side, she rejects the U.S.’s pitiable terms and gets back to bedding her hubby Nicholas (Guillaume Gallienne). Kate drops her silky robe and sports some sexy lingerie to straddle him and show who’s really in charge. She’s a leader that's sure to make it reign - in your pants!