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The Prowler

The Prowler (1981)

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A cult classic slasher flick that was lauded for its special effects that the iconic Tom Savini crafted for it, The Prowler (1981) had the courage to suggest that The Greatest Generation might have some not so great members. Yes, the years of World War II were a time of great sacrifice for the young men of the United States. They gave up all the comforts of home and risked their lives to kick fascist ass in far distant lands. But some pampered elites refused even temporary deprivation, such as the spoiled rich girl Rosemary (Joy Glaccum) who dumped her GI guy before he could even get back Stateside for his hero’s parade. Who can shed a tear when this rich bitch and her new gigolo (Timothy Wahrer) are slain with a pitchfork? And who can blame the town for banning spring dances in the face of such a nightmarish slaughter happening at this one? But what the hell? Suddenly, it’s the 80's and that pitchfork is wreaking vengeance on hot broads like it’s 1945! Yes, Pam (Vicky Dawson) and her friends are preparing for the big return of the Spring Dance, but some psycho dressed as the Army Man from Hell keeps killing her buds with a bayonet. She thinks it's the same dude who killed Rosemary all those years back, but why? What's this stabby soldier's deal? When Mr. Skin is on the prowl for some top notch tail, he's looking for a woman like Lisa Dunsheath. Lisa shows some tremendous buns and boobs while taking a shower. We watch her through a transparent curtain, before the prowler pulls it away and we get unfettered access to her T&A! Sure, she gets stabbed with the pitchfork immediately after, but she looks super forkable right before that! If a dude fought for the allies, let him get between your thighs! That way we can avoid psycho soldiers like the one in The Prowler!