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The Prowler (1981)

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Just as the penance wayward fathers must pay for their sins is passed along to be endured by their sons, so too is the vengeance wrought upon an untrue woman for her betrayed love visited upon future generations, and thankfully so, otherwise the plot of The Prowler (1981) would not have been half as engrossing. The years of World War II were a time of great sacrifice for the young men of the United States. They gave up all the comforts of home and risked their lives to kick fascist ass in far distant lands. But some pampered elites refused even temporary deprivation, such as the spoiled rich girl who dumped her GI guy before he could even get back Stateside for his hero’s parade. Who can shed a tear when this rich bitch and her new gigolo are slain with a pitchfork? But what the hell? Suddenly, it’s the present day, and that pitchfork is wreaking vengeance on hot broads like it’s 1945!


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