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The Others

The Others (2001)

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The Others (2001) is a horror film that explores the whole idea of 'what if they were dead the whole time'? a la Sixth Sense. In this version of that horror story, Nicole Kidman is a single mother who moves in with her children to a new house in the 1940s toward the end of World War II while her husband is fighting the war. It's actually an incredibly old, dark family house that they've all inherited. Her kids are very photosensitive due to a disease that prevents them from being in direct sunlight which means the place is very dark and they keep their drapes down often. They thus live in darkness with a lot of rules that their mother imposes on them to keep them safe. However, there's a twist! Strange happenings start going on after the mom hires new servants to take care of the home and her children. She wonders if the new servants have invited something scary in with them. Dun dun dun! There's another twist that you'll love to hear about and it's that Nicole Kidman shows up in a silk nightgown while she's lying in bed. This beauty is in bed in her low-cut silk nightie which shows her cleavage as well as her pokies as she turns over in bed to kiss her man. Those kisses must feel good because her nipples are looking erect. When you see Nicole Kidman in this scene, nipples won't be the only thing that is erect.