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The Night Clerk

The Night Clerk (2020)

Brief Nudity

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Every job has its perks. Teachers spend their summers as they choose. Flight attendants travel the world for free, even on their off time. When they’re not working from home, those in the tech industry receive free food, games, massages and tons of swag at work. Old school radio disc jockeys listen to music all day and hob knob with musicians at night concerts. Then there are all those corporate employees who are treated to bonuses, health insurance and 401ks. Meanwhile, unethical night clerks can hide cameras in hotel rooms to spy on unsuspecting guests. This is the premise of The Night Clerk (2020) which follows Bart Bromley (Tye Sheridan), a hotel staffer with Asperger’s syndrome and a penchant for watching Karen Perretti (Jacque Gray) who recently checked in. But when she doesn’t check out due to her murder, things become even weirder. Investigators are suspicious, wondering whether Bart is a killer or a witness. Yet he’s already switched focus to the new guest, Andrea Rivera (Ana de Armas). We can hardly blame him since she’s such a sight for sore (or any kind of) eyes. When the beautiful babe takes a dip in the swimming pool, she dons bikini bottoms and nothing more! As Ana gets out of the water, she flashes her rack. When she spots the clerk, she covers her breasts. But not fast enough. We get a good look at her pair before she cups her breasts. The Night Clerk is peepin’ at peepers and so are we!