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The List

The List (2000)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Thriller
  • Directed by: Sylvain Guy
  • Rated: R
  • Theatrical Release: 01/01/1999
  • Home Release: 04/17/2001
  • Country: Canada
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The English language remake of Liste noire (1995), The List (2000) is an erotic thriller about a woman of the night named Gabrielle Mithcell (Madchen Amick) who just got arrested for solicitation. But she's no two dollar hooker, she's a very a high-priced call girl who has been servicing an elite clientele. And if one of those dudes she's beaten off don't get her off, she's gonna tell! Yes, almost immediately Gabrielle starts talking about how she not only has a list of all the elite politicians, lawyers, doctors, professors and other prestigious men who've paid for a night with her, but she's even got videos. That list will open a can of whoops ass for all the high-profile clientele she services, including the judge (Ryan O’Neal) who has been put in charge of her case. That's quite a conundrum, since he's always considered himself an honorable man. Uh, your honor, you're going to be fired if she spills the beans on your nights together. Watch for a few twists and turns that concern just how she ended up arrested, but any list of why you should watch this movie is going to start with the skin. Oddly, Madchen only appears in her black-lace unmentionables as she straddles some old geezer in some of the videotapes. We'd have loved a peek at the Twin Peaks star's tatas, but it's still super sexy! Can we put that naughty hottie on our Christmas list? But Catherine N. Blythe, playing O’Neal’s wife, does get nude. Miss Blythe brings the T&A giving her husband Tatum O'Neal some free loving! Why pay when she's providing a cost free lay? Careful hiring hookers, fellas. Instead, lie back and flick your wrist to those sexy ladies in The List