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The Last Son

The Last Son (2021)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


Isaac Lemay (Sam Worthington) heard tell of a prophecy that would befall him.  Because of the wicked ways of his past, being a brutal killer that is, that he would meet his own grizzly end by the hand of one of his children!  Isaac is now spending his time going around to the various brothels where he knows he put some babies in ladies of the night, and hunting down his now adult children and committing good old fashioned western filicide of any offspring he stumbles across.  When he goes to Anna (Heather Graham), a former "whore" lady love of his, he discovers that she bore him twins a long time ago and that he needs to dispatch them before the prophecy becomes fulfilled.  Enter a son who takes after dear old dad a little too much, Cal (Machine Gun Kelly), who is a terror on the great plains, robbing banks, murdering innocents, and stealing Gatling guns only to use them to wipe out entire army platoons in a single go.  So the human hunter, Isaac, retraces his steps and begins to track down the son that logically would be the most likely to take him out if what was foretold comes to pass.  Talk about throwing away the baby with the bathwater in this pitch black western that makes you believe Isaac has no choice in the matter as he mops up his ignored progeny with extreme prejudice, hunting The Last Son!  Luckily for us as the audience too, the incomparable Heather Graham comes in with TWO, (count them, TWO!) new topless scenes as Anna the brothel babe!  Bringing her up to nudity in four different decades now!