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Die Sitte (2001)

No Nudity

Oh, the crime drama -- the cornerstone of the ever-popular television serial, even in Germany. Die Sitte (2001) started off as a made-for-TV movie and then became a series. It’s solid good guys versus bad guys drama, but with the added spice of vice -- as in the Vice Unit, which is overseeing crimes of a sexual nature. Why can’t we all just get along? Remove the crime factor and the only vice in sex is the vice grip we’ve got when looking at a hot mess of nekkid-ness! Bavarian blonde beauty Johanna Klante doesn’t go as far as to show her beer jugs (shizer!) as Hedi Dvorak, but we do see some hard nips needling through her top, which deserves a proper oom-pah-pah! She also shows off how she stuffs her muff in a pair of panties, too. Even though they weren’t removed to reveal bush, there’s plenty of Klante toe to be seen -- that’s enough to make our weiner schnitzel! 

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