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The Head

The Head (1959)

Brief Nudity


The Head (1959) is a German camp classic about a scientist who invents a serum that keeps a dog’s head alive after its body dies. That leads to predictably morbid plot development. Ah, the head, home to our intellect and house to our arousal. Also known as the head is a smaller fellow a bit south of the skull fortress we keep our brains imprisoned in. This other head is given freer reign to explore more physically the constructs of our reality. Take for example, the blonde bombshell Barbara Valentin in this movie. She’s strutting her stuff in black panties and bra on a brass bed, when she steps out on high heels and garter to bump and grind our fantasies into a dust we consume for all its addictive qualities. Our big head calculates the odds and angles, but our little head grows to the occasion and, in hand, leads us to a greater appreciation of this sinful apparition.