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The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant (2020-2022)

No Nudity

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The Flight Attendant (2020) is a dark comedy with a murderous twist that is available on HBOMax. The lovely blonde Kaley Cuoco will drive you kookoo when she plays a sexy flight attendant with a drinking problem that she thinks she has been keeping under wraps. That's important in a minute. On one of her flights, she meets a dashing man named Alex. She decides to hang out with him in Bangkok. They have dinner, drinks, and go back to his hotel to cap their wonderful night. When she wakes up, her entire world has been turned upside down. She is in the wrong hotel that she cannot remember going to and in bed with a dead man. A bloody, dead, murdered man! Not only that, but Kaley's character has absolutely no idea how any of this happened. She has no memory of the events that lead to a possible murder. Now the FBI and other investigators and loved ones suspect that she knows more than she actually does. She has to figure out what happened before she unknowingly gets herself into more trouble. You won't see Kaley Cuoco nude here, but she is super sexy as Cassie Bowden. Bow down before her when she wears her black bra that shows off a lot of hot cleavage. She also looks sexy in a champagne-colored slip. That naughty negligee looks amazing on Kaley, showing her hot cleavage and a bit of thigh. We are flying high watching this hot little mama star in this series. She will make us a member of the Mile High Club!