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The Final Girl

The Final Girl (2010)

Great Nudity!


What happens when two foxy lesbians become roommates? Well if you're watching The Final Girl (2010), it turns into a total sextravaganza! The titular Final Girl (Wendy Delorme) is looking for a place to live but doesn’t have any cash; fortunately her new unnamed roommate (Judy Minx) is willing to accept carpet munching in lieu of a deposit. But the previous tenant of her new room disappeared mysteriously without a trace, leaving all her possessions behind including a scintillating diary. Soon the new girl is obsessed with the missing roommate, but still manages to make time for plenty of beaver bumping. The movie opens with buxom blonde Wendy Delorme doing a boob baring striptease 3-minutes in, and then goes straight into some un-simulated lesbo action including Judy Minx at the 7-minute mark. Plus you can get up close and personal with Wendy’s lower lippage when she does some love cave spelunking 57-minutes in. You'll also want to make sure you don't miss her 3 B shot at the 31-minute mark as her and Judy are in the Nudy! The Final Girl is sure to finish you off! If that's not enough to make you bust a wad on your chest, just take a good look at the scene with Brenda Velez, who shows her breasts as she flops around on a bed in nothing but some sexy black undies. The Final Girl is an ironic title, because we'll be coming back again and again to this skin-ful flick for more masturbation fuel!