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The Big C

The Big C (2010-2012)

Brief Nudity

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Laura Linney is a suburban mom who's recently been diagnosed with cancer, and tries to find the humor in the disease in the four season long Showtime series The Big C. The show was originally going to be called The C Word, but they changed the title so as not to confuse it with another Showtime series, the skin-filled lesbian drama The L Word. No, there's not much girl on girl in this one, instead Laura grapples with a terminal case of melanoma that's going to put her six feet under. She plays Cathy Jamison, a sort of boring suburban mom and schoolteacher who gets hit with the bad news that the spot on her back is skin cancer, and it's going to kill her within a year. Refusing to tell any of her family the bad news and refusing to try treatments that might not work at all, she eschews a diet for the first time in years, starts burning all the stuff she hates in her house, and demands her kids stay with her but refuses to tell them why. Cathy also takes no shit from anyone, since she doesn't have time for that nonsense. It's a radical change in her behavior and personality, but one that makes her a whole lot of fun to watch. Since the show lasted four seasons, you can probably guess she doesn't refuse treatment forever and lasts far longer than the doctor originally thought. You won't last very long seeing all the skin in this skin cancer comedy. Elizabeth Twining radiates sex while flashing fanny getting out of the shower, which had us pining for a night with a girl like her. Put it on our bucket list! Cynthia Nixon leaves the city but keeps the sex by showing her hooters as a man plays with her nipples in bed. But this one's all about Laura, who lets her robe open up to show some cops her cans, and displays her derrière and terrific tatas looking at herself in the refrigerator's reflection. Amazing cans on this cancer sufferer! The Big C will give you a big D!