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The Beast

The Beast (2024)

Brief Nudity

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Loosely based on the 1903 Henry James novella The Beast in the Jungle, Léa Sedoux steps into the main role of Gabriel, now Gabrielle, who undergoes a process to “clean her DNA” because it’s the dystopian 2040s and this is what you have to do to get a job. The point is to eliminate lingering emotions from a person’s past lives, purging them of subconscious trauma while having them revisit every step of their existence. We see her life in three distinct time periods, including the film's present, all of which are entwined with a single man (George MacKay). The two are aristocrats having a torrid affair in Paris in the early twentieth century, then she’s a Hollywood actress in 2014 while he’s a misogynistic Incel. It’s part Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, part Cloud Atlas, but all sexy with Léa in the driver’s seat. Our favorite part though is in the 1900s, when she has to swim to escape a fire and we get to see her bare pair underwater. We also get a look at a line-up of lovely ladies, including Dasha Nekrasova, wearing nude-colored negligees, plus Léa shares a lesbian liplock with the gorgeous Guslagie Malanda. It’ll unleash the beast in your britches!