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The August Virgin

The August Virgin (2019)

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The Spanish drama La virgen de agosto (2019), or The August Virgin, centers around Eva (Itsaso Arana) and the general malaise of life she finds herself drenched in of late as she approaches her fabled Jesus Year of 33. Desperate to shake things up in her life, Eva decides that this summer, when all the other locals leave the landlocked city of Madrid to escape to their seaside cottages and rural summer cabins during the hottest month of the year, she's going to stay in town and intermingle with the influx of tourists. So, effectively, she becomes the titular woman with a new lease on life. She's not reclaiming her virginity or anything like that, just sort of metaphorically starting over with a whole new set of people. Eva had more or less convinced herself that Madrid shut down during the month of August, but as she will soon find out, there's more life in this city during this one month than perhaps in the other eleven combined! Much like virginity itself, you've got to be patient with this flick when it comes to skin. There is a sexy scene 49 minutes in where both Itsaso Arana and Isabelle Stoffel go swimming, Isabelle in a bikini and Itsaso in a one piece, but it seems for another hour like the skin might never come! Then, just prior to the two hour mark, we see all of Itsaso Arana as she sleeps with a guy and examines her naked body in the mirror! August may indeed be the hottest month, but Itsaso makes it ever more so!