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Bittersweet Days

Bittersweet Days (2017)

No Nudity

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Real life manic pixie dream girl Esther González plays a woman caught between two men in the romantic dramedy Bittersweet Days (2017). Esther plays Julia, a 30 year old woman living in Barcelona who has just gotten into a good relationship groove with Marcos (Joan Miquel Artigues) when he takes a job in London, leaving her in the lurch with an apartment too nice to keep on her own. She must then take on a roommate, deciding on easygoing Dutch photographer Luuk (Brian Teuwen). Over the course of a long summer, Julia must decide if she's really and truly happy with Marcos or if Luuk is more in line with the kind of guy she wanted to be with all along. Of course, the film's ticking clock means that Marcos will eventually be back, which might leave poor Luuk in the lurch, should he actually reciprocate Julia's feelings, of course. What a tangled web we weave as humans, amirite? Perhaps the most bittersweet thing about Bittersweet Days is that while it's a great movie with a lot of good performances and some subject matter that will get you talking and thinking, it's completely devoid of nudity. Granted that might not be all you're in it for, but here at Mr. Skin, that's what we're in it for. The good news is that Esther González does show off her mighty fit figure in a sexy white bikini while spending the day at a secluded beach with Luuk! It's just a little too bittersweet that her bikini stays on!