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Take This Waltz

Take This Waltz (2011)

Hall of Fame Nudity!

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Directing legend Steven Spielberg hardly had to tell Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen how to act like lovers in The Fabelmans (2022) since the pair already practiced in Take This Waltz (2011). Sarah Polley’s romantic dramedy begins when Margot (Michelle Williams) flirts with sexy stranger Daniel (Luke Kirby) on the plane ride home from a trip abroad. But complications arise when she discovers he’s her new neighbor and he learns she’s married! As such, Margot finds herself torn between her husband (Rogen) and the hottie next door. Since her sporadic work as a freelance writer gives her plenty of time to obsess, she and her bestie Geraldine (Sarah Silverman) fantasize about their mutual crush on Dan. Fortunately, viewers won’t have to imagine what these ladies look like without their clothes. For starters, Ms. Williams flashes her panties. Maybe that’s why she was named Best Actress at the Hollywood Film Festival and by the San Diego Film Critics Society. If that’s not impressive enough, she goes full frontal during a shower scene with Ms. Silverman just 41 minutes into the film. Breast of all, the footage continues for a good (make that, a great) 10 minutes! Not only do we get to see the collective chests, muffs and buns on Sarah and Michelle, skintastic actress Jennifer Podemski is also there to join in on the fun. She plays Karen, but when you get a look at her nude boobs, pubes and tush, you’ll never think of a Karen in the same way again!