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The Assignment

The Assignment (2016)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


(Re) Assignment (2016) caused quite a bit of controversy, and it showed off quite a lot of bush. This Michelle Rodriguez/Sigourney Weaver helmed film takes a different look at gender reassignment - and this time, it's as punishment. (See what we mean?) Michelle starts off wearing prosthetics that made her look like a guy and takes a hit job that doesn't really exist. Instead, an evil doctor played by Sigourney Weaver captures him and turns him into a girl. When he wakes up, he is in shock and seeks the doctor that changed him in a quest of revenge. The wake-up scene is particularly skin-teresting because Michelle Rodriguez does full frontal, showing us a full bushy merkin and her fantastic boobs for the first time! You can also see breasts and butt from the effortlessly hot Caitlin Gerard, who steps out of the shower and towels off at the 1 hour mark. Lia Lam shows us her gorgeous mams in a scene at a bar. Michelle is naked the most in this flick. The first time you can get a nice look at her ass as she steps out of the shower while playing a man. Then you can see her in the mirror showing her breasts and screaming when she realizes her dick is gone at the 20 minute mark. This flick is one assignment that you won't want to skip, mostly because Michelle has never been more skin-ful in a role. It's just too bad we didn't get the real full frontal treatment!