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Foreign Film Friday: Daisy Diamond Rapace daisy n 08 infobox 85f2f0c0 featured

Bushes and boobs abound in this porny story of a desperate actress. ... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Where to See This Weekend's Stars Nude 9.1.17 Screen shot 2017 09 01 at 8 25 42 am e46b4e16 featured

Labor Day weekend is a stinker once again this year, but we do have the best places to catch a peek at seven of this weekend's stars in the buff!... read more

Skinstant Video Selections: Berlin Syndrome, To The Limit, The Blue Room, and More! 8.30.17 Screen shot 2017 08 28 at 1 44 09 pm bd28aaa8 featured

As we reach the end of August and the official end of summer, we dig deep to find some skinsational options for you on the big three streaming services!... read more

Ep. 59 of the Mr. Skin Podcast: Alicia Vikander Topless Trailer and Noomi Rapace Nude on Netflix Podcast blogs 08232017 765cfdbf featured

The Tulip Fever trailer is here, and we're burning up for naked Alicia Vikander!... read more

Sorry, Rooney Mara Won't Be "Girl" in "Dragon Tattoo" Sequel Screen shot 2017 03 14 at 1 44 03 pm 5e8f4831 featured

Who Will Be The Next (And Nude) Lisbeth Salander?... read more

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Fall, and More: Nudeworthy on Netflix 1.21.15 17424 web

Netflix has been slow to add a lot of skinsational flicks this month, but there are some gems out there waiting to be discovered!

Hit the jump for more pics and info...... read more

Lovelace: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 11.5.13 [PICS] 14321 web

It’s an explosively nude week on Blu-ray/DVD with some of the most an-tit-cipated titles finally hitting the shelves. First there’s Amanda Seyfried as legendary knob gobbler Linda Lovelace in Lovelace (2013). The sword-swallowing scenes in this biopic may be fake, but Amanda's nubile nips and sweet seat meat are as real as it gets!

Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace, and Karoline Herfurth share lesbian lip locks in Brian DePalma’s psycho-sexual thriller Passion (2012), and Christa Theret proves quite a skinspiration as a nude muse in Renoir (2013).

The second- and final- season of Magic City will leave you spell-boned with fantastic nude scenes from Jessica Marais, Catalina Rodriguez, and Elena Satine, while the sixth season of Mad Men has sexy scenes only from Linda Cardellini and Jessica Pare.

See pics after the jump!... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Passion, The Lifeguard, Afternoon Delight 13921 web

The Brian DePalma thriller Passion (2012) is out in theaters this week, featuring plenty of psycho-sexual lesbian action between Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams. Plus, Kristen Bell finally dips her toe into nudity in The Lifeguard (2013), baring butt 48-minutes in, and giving up a splash of sideboob at the 57-minute mark.

With all these big names hitting theaters, we almost forgot about the limited release of Afternoon Delight (2012). Just kidding, we would never forget about the perfect boobs on Juno Temple!

More after the jump!... read more

Sneak Peek: Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace in Passion [PICS] 13715 web

An-tit-cipation for Brian De Palma’s latest scorcher, Passion (2012), has been high ever since our Skin Skout took in all the scintillating Sapphic action at the Toronto International Film Fest.

The official report confirmed that not only do Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace culminate their killer rivalry with a couple of lusty lesbian lip locks, but Noomi goes topless just 12 minutes in!

Passion hits VOD on August 1st and arrives in theaters on August 30th, and thanks to our friends at Entertainment One we now have a few stills of Rachel and Noomi giving in to their sexual tension.

See pics after the jump!... read more

Hostel: Celebrity Nudity on DVD and Blu-ray 10.9.12 [PICS] 12178 web

Things were looking pretty dismal for skin this week on DVD and Blu-ray, but then the SKINstant classics Hostel (2005) and Hostel: Part II (2007) swooped in on Blu-ray to save the day with a bevy of naked Euro babes (and Heather Matarazzo, aka "Weiner Dog", fully nude in Part II, if that's your thing). Other than that, your only choice for nudes this week is French fox Vahina Giocante topless alongside non-nude stars Jennifer Tilly and Paz de la Huerta in the ensemble rom-com 30 Beats (2012). And this week in non-nude blockbusters, Malin Akerman goes '80s crazy in Rock of Ages (2012) and Charlize Theron and Noomi Rapace are out of this world in the sci-fi head scratcher Prometheus (2012).

More after the jump!... read more

Breaking Nudes from Toronto: Marion Cotillard, Noomi Rapace, Olga Kurylenko, and More Nude 11997 web

We've been providing you with breaking nudes on Piper Perabo's return to nudity in Looper (in theaters September 28) and the nubile nude co-eds of Spring Breakers (release date TBA), but our Skin Skout has been knee-deep in hot starlets at the Toronto International Film Festival all weekend.
Well, ok, that's half true. Our Skin Skout IS at TIFF, but the closest he's gonna get to the likes of Noomi Rapace, Marion Cotillard, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams and Naomi Watts is his seat at the premieres of their new movies. But he's still getting an eyeful...
Get the scoop on upcoming nudes from Passion, Cloud Atlas, Rust and Bone and more from TIFF after the jump!... read more

Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams' Passion-ate First Look [PIC] 11314 web

Brian DePalma has filmed some amazing nude scenes over the years (Exhibit A: Penthouse pet Victoria Lynn Johnson's shower scene in Dressed to Kill), including some scorching Sapphic ones (Exhibit B: Rebecca Romijn and Rie Rasmussen in Femme Fatale). Of course, he's also made some real stinkers, so we're overjoyed that DePalma is sticking to what he knows best- slick psychosexual thrillers- for his new movie Passion.
Passion is still in post-production, but the first official image from the film (above) promises some lesbian liplock action between stars Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams. Ohhhhh, that red lipstick...
Find out more about Passion after the jump!... read more

Noomi and Rooney: The Girls with the Naked Knockers [PICS] 8860 web

The red-band trailer for the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo hit selected US theaters this weekend (and the internet shortly after, thanks to either a moviegoer with a shaky camcorder or a savvy viral marketing stunt), and though it's cut too quickly to really get a good look, (t)it bodes well for nudity from star Rooney Mara!
UPDATE: Nude stills of Rooney changing her shirt from the pulled red-band trailer have still managed to find their way online. Good job, internet!
There's a brief shot of Rooney's boobies as she puts on a shirt 35 seconds in, then a shadowy silhouette of a topless woman we can only assume is Rooney 57 seconds in. This wouldn't normally be a big deal, except that's more skin in the trailer than Rooney has bared in her entire career thus far! Perhaps she's learned a thing or three from Swedish sinsation Noomi Rapace, who played bisexual goth babe Lisbeth Salander in the Swedish cinema adaptations...

You'll be The Guy with the Raging Hard-On when you see Noomi Rapace naked after the jump!... read more

The Girl with the Naked Knockers: DVD Roundup 2-22-11 7911 featured

This week on DVD and Blu-ray Noomi Rapace plays with fire while you play with yourself in The Stieg Larsson Series Box Set, Mary Louise Parker will get you high with her kind butt on season six of Weeds, and Due Date turns out to be a dude date and a non-nude date.
The Stieg Larsson Series Box Set
This week on Blu-Ray, it's the release of The Stieg Larsson Series Box Set featuring Swedish siren Noomi Rapace as the girl with the dragon tattoo who played with fire and kicked the hornet's nest. Noomi is naked in all three movies of trilogy, but your best looks at Noomi's naked knockers and nookie come at the one hour, eleven-minute mark of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where she shows all 3 B's getting out of bed with her lesbo gal-pal, and 18 minutes into The Girl Who Played with Fire, where she flashes T&A going on a muff-diving expedition. You've got to love a box set with those Swedish meatballs!
Weeds: Season Six
Mary Louise Parker still has the primo stuff in season six of the smokin' hot Showtime series Weeds, out on DVD today. And between the THC and the T&A, you don't have to be a stoner to get a boner. Season six brings with it some good looks at Mary Louise starkers along with some bonus boobs and butt from costar Jamie Renée Smith. Jamie reveals rack and rump having shower sex in an episode appropriately called "Bliss" and Mary gets bare-y getting boned from behind in the episode "Gentle Puppies "(They should have called it "Rough Doggy"). When this pot-dealing mom shows off her dime-bags, you'll be growing your own… in your pants.
Due Date
Robert Downey, Jr. is an expectant father who has to hitch a ride with an eccentric actor played by Zach Galifianakis in the comedy Due Date, out in on DVD this week. But I have disappointing news. Due Date is no nude date. Mamtastic Michelle Monaghan plays Downey Jr.'s pregnant wife here, but I preferred it when that pair appeared together in the 2005 crime comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.Because they weren't the only pair to appear in that movie. In her only nude role to date, Michelle shows off her naked knockers three times. So why watch a Due Date with dudes when you can see two great boobs?... read more

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