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Super Bowl 2004 Halftime Ceremonies

Super Bowl 2004 Halftime Ceremonies (2004)

Brief Nudity

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Once in a century comes a Super Bowl halftime show so legendary, it raises the field goals of viewers coast to coast. In the twenty-first century, that moment came during the Super Bowl 2004 Halftime Ceremonies, and happy horndogs have been coming from the memory ever since. Sure, this show had the usual dancers, lip-syncing rockers (Kid Rock-er, to be exact), prancing rappers (Sean "Call Me P. Diddy” Combs), and all the fanfare we've come to expect. But it was when Janet Jackson's pert pigskin got bared for all the world to see that the show went from C-plus to tempest in a C cup! At the climax of a duet with Justin Timberlake, Janet had a "wardrobe malfunction," and out came her ripe right nip. 200,000 fun-killers called CBS to complain, and the company ended up fined 500 thousand smackers just for airing Janet's spectacular knocker. But for those of us with a head on our shoulders (and a head and two boulders down below), Nipplegate was nipple-great.