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The Russian Bride

The Russian Bride (2019)

No Nudity

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The Russian Bride follows the story of Nina (Oksana Orlan) and her daughter who look to flee the poverty-stricken world on the other side of the iron curtain by marrying a reclusive billionaire (Corbin Bernsen) and moving to America.  When they arrive at his sprawling, snowy Tudor estate everything seems idyllic but slowly begins to unravel bit by bit as his true nature begins to reveal the monster that she moved in with...  Fueled by a mountain of cocaine that could only rival a Columbian cartel's, Karl Frederick (Bernsen), begins to rattle off manic monologues while conspiring with various family members, a hulking mute handyman, and a maid who seems to be in on everything against his new bride!  Will this beautiful, young mother survive the brutalism of a billionaire bad boy?  The titular bride, played by the stunning Oksana Orlan, gets down to her undies in a chilly cellar scene and this White Russian is served on the rocks after you see smooth that body is!  I guess there are two sides to every real-life Russian Bride story...  You could end up finding your rich Prince Charming in America, but more times than not, you're probably gonna end up blowing a coked-up Corbin Bernsen in front of his fireplace while his maid watches!