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Spoiled Brats

Spoiled Brats (2021)

Brief Nudity

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The French Netflix Original Comedy Pourris Gâtés, or Spoiled Brats (2021), is based on the Mexican film We Are the Nobles (2013), and takes a bunch of rich adults with a serious case of stunted adolescence and teaches them how to live within their means. Gérard Jugnot stars as Francis Bartek, a millionaire who has finally had enough of his three adult children—Stella (Camille Lou), Phillippe (Artus), and Alexandre (Louka Meliava)—acting and behaving like the titular spoiled brats that they are, so he decides to play an epic prank on them. He convinces all three of his children that he has lost his entire fortune and that they are now destitute. Francis has watched his family go from appreciating the wealth and fortune they grew up with to squandering it at nearly every opportunity. Stella wants to get married, but her father is convinced her fiancé is only after her money, while Alexandre spends his days chasing women, and Phillippe is supposed to be the motivated one to take over their father's business, but he stopped coming to work months ago. Hopefully Francis' plan will finally make adults out of his children, otherwise he'll have no choice but to cut them off permanently. For a flick carrying a TV-14 rating, we weren't expecting any skin, but we get a brief flash of buns from Clara Joly as she has sex with a guy, along with several sexy shots of Camille Lou in her underwear and showing lots of cleavage in a sexy dress! These Spoiled Brats will make you wanna do some spanking!