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SOKO 5113

No Nudity

Soko 5113 is one of the oldest and most popular crime series in the history of German TV. Based on the book by a former real-life police officer, it premiered on the second of January 1978, with more than two hundred and seventy episodes and twenty-three seasons to its credit. The original cast consisted of Werner Kreindl, Wilfried Klaus, Bernd Herzsprung, Diether Krebs, Ingrid Fröhlich, and Hans Dieter Trayer. Although many early critics branded Soko 5113 as boring and too slow moving, it quickly found a faithful audience that obviously appreciated the realistic approach to modern police work. Located in München, the story centered on a police unit headed by Karl Göttmann (Kreindl). Together with his colleagues, Horst Schickl (Klaus), Fred Less (Herzsprung), Diether Herle (Krebs), Renate Burger (Fröhlich), and Heinz Flock (Trayer), Göttmann had to deal with all kinds of capital crimes. Nudity? Nothing noteworthy but among the actresses who subsequently joined the cast was none other than Mr. Skin Hall of Famer Olivia Pascal. She, of course, is best known to international movie audiences for showing everything (and in her case this actually means everything) in various softcore productions like Vanessa, Sylvia im Reich der Wollust, and Insel der tausend Freuden.


Berrit Arnold

Anne Siebert

Jessica Boehrs

Lena Ries

Heike Faber

Stella Fechtner

Ilona Grübel

Dr. Evelyn Kreiner

Cay Helmich

Maja Cramer

Sabine Kaack

Bärbel Mattner

Olivia Pascal

Lizzy Berger

Bettina Redlich

Christl Erhorn

Benita Rinne

Katrin Rieger

Claudia Wenzel

Sylvie Bach

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