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Maybe it's those tall leather boots or the stylishly dark outfits or the sleek line of their weapons and vehicles, but damn were the Nazis sexy! Now, of course, there is no way to condone the atrocities committed under the mad reign of Adolph Hitler, but there's also no way to deny the library of lust that's followed after the fall of the Third Reich. Part of that may not be simply design, but the fact that German women are so hot, and they continue to set men's pants to boil, as exemplified in the fetching form of German cuite Berrit Arnold. She certainly made Mr. Skin notice her in the made-for-TV crime drama Tatort -- In der Falle (1998), where she is seen putting on a sexy bra and top as a police officer. She's not nude, but that would come (as would we all) in the TV soap Verschollen. She shows off her chest candy when she trades sex for some nose candy in one episode. In another episode she's topless bathing without the need for recreational drugs. Her nude debut was in an episode from March 3, 2005, entitled "Die Operation." Her operation, to skinny dip--mission accomplished.

Verschollen (2004-2005) Nude, breasts We have achieved full rackage! She loses the bikini top for a swim, and out come a pair of extremely well-formed funbags. Berrit's nude debut! (35 secs)
Verschollen (2004-2005) Nude, breasts The tropics are balmy, and she whips off her shirt to cool down. Her tits stay firmly harnessed in her bandeau top, though, dang it all. (1 min 5 secs)
Verschollen (2004-2005) Nude, breasts Berrit bares it! Left tit, that is, when she hangs up her clothes in her grass hut. (57 secs)
Verschollen (2004-2005) Nude, breasts She suns her lovely self on the beach. Bikini bottoms are donned, but she goes sans top and there is a bit of partial boobness to be viewed. (1 min 5 secs)
Verschollen (2004-2005) Nude, breasts Awesome look at Berrit's perfect porcelain spheres when she trades sex for a little nose candy. (1 min 3 secs)

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Auf Achse - as NA

Marienhof - as Annalena Bergmann

SOKO 5113 - as Anne Siebert

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