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Der Kommissar

Der Kommissar (1969-1973)

Brief Nudity


Der Kommissar is a German crime show that’s been on TV since 1969. But allow us to leave the pragmatism of a police procedural for a moment to wax philosophically. It’s said that the sexiest naked woman is a woman that is not naked. Bare with us. It’s that bit of clothing which hides the warm surprises of a female body that captivate the male of the species. Just as we want what we can’t have, so do we desire what we don’t see. Then there’s  Evelyn Opela here, who takes that seduction to a whole other level. She’s seen naked in silhouette, the outline of her nearly perfect C-cups clearly defined right down to the nipple on top. We may have a contender for hottest skin without showing skin award.