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Einmal Bulle, immer Bulle

Einmal Bulle, immer Bulle (2004)

Brief Nudity


Einmal Bulle, mimer Bulle, or Once a Cop, Always a Cop, is a German tv series that ran for one season in 2004. A wealthy real estate magnate is found dead in his study, and all signs point to a burglary gone bad. However, the experienced detective assigned to the case thinks it's all just a little too perfect, and once he begins digging, he discovers a whole litany of suspects who all may have had motives to kill the man and fake the burglary, and to make matters worse, only one has an alibi.  On the episode "Todliche Leidenschaft," the frizzy-haired Denise Virieux appeared delivered the goods in two different scenes. First she opens her trench coat and bares her boppers for a guy who can't help himself once he gets a glimpse. Then she appears fully naked in a pool, showing just a hint of lip beneath the water, and once again showing off her shimmies as she gets out of the pool and dries off. This babe will have you stroking your leiden-shaft!