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Snake Skin Jacket

Snake Skin Jacket (1997)

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Collectors, whether they accumulate phonograph records, stamps, tin lunch boxes, Hot Wheels, real cars, or any from a myriad of categorized items, live for the heightened emotional state that accompanies a fresh, coveted acquisition. In pursuit of this jolt, the meekest of everyday schmoes will employ the rodent ferocity of a mainlining, big-city junkie. The urge to possess a singular and highly desirable artifact is so ungovernable that to own certain items is to invite trouble. An embezzling, mild-mannered bank clerk may believe that he and the Snake Skin Jacket (1997) once worn by Marlon Brando will coexist together happily ever after, but he has failed to take into account rival collectors who are willing to step over his dead body en route to snatching the garment.